Volunteers are critical to the success of our school. See the list of volunteer opportunities below and sign up today. Even 15 minutes of your time can make a big difference!

Volunteer Opportunities

Use a stencil to paint "Pettigrew Panther" icons on driveways. Contact April Grabow (april_grabow@yahoo.com) with interest.

Driveway Stencil Painter


Directing students and spectators during Science Fair; helping with set up and take down; judging student projects. Sign up available in February 2019.

Science Fair Volunteer

March 2019


Distribute pizza; Distribute prizes; Clean-up. Sign up available January 2019.

Pizza Bingo Volunteers

February 1, 2019


Scholastic Book Fair. Set-up and take down, sales, and customer assistance positions available. Sign up open in mid-March 2019.

Spring Bookfair

April 12, 2019


Help with preparation of materials (before event) or organize presenters and volunteers (at event). Sign up open in March 2019.

Pettigrew Day

April 18, 2019


Do you plan to volunteer at R.F. Pettigrew this year? Each new school year you must submit your volunteer registration form to the district for approval. 

If you are only volunteering in a supervised capacity you only need to fill out the District Volunteer Form

If you plan to volunteer in an unsupervised capacity or be a field trip driver you must ALSO complete the online background check (link available in Volunteer Form).

 Image of rock garden in front of Pettigrew Elementary school.