R.F. Pettigrew Science Fair

March 8, 2018 - R.F. Pettigrew Gymnasium

 Science Fair Planning Guide (  O  pen PDF here  )

Science Fair Planning Guide (Open PDF here)

Science Fair Schedule (March 8, 2018)

3:00-3:30 Set up in gym
3:30-6:00 Judging & Oral Presentations
(optional; times scheduled in advance)
6:30-7:30 Science Fair opened for public viewing

 Image of a lightbulb filled with scientific symbols such as a microscope, satellite, and plant stem.

6 Science Disciplines

Biology & Medical Science
Ecology/Earth Science
Mathematics/Computer Science
Physics & Engineering
Social Science

Two Project Types

Experiment: An experiment has variables, controls, and data that can be recorded. An
experiment follows and makes use of the Scientific Method.

Research: Students identify a science-related topic of interest, gather information
about it, and organize it into a meaningful display or presentation so that others can
learn and get excited about the topic.

Science Fair News

Who: Any Pettigrew Elementary student grades K-5 is invited and encouraged to enter a science fair project in this year’s science fair! Projects may be done individually or in pairs of students from the same grade. Projects are to be done at home by students. Parents, please allow your child to work independently according to his or her ability level. We want everyone to have fun and learn! A parent’s role is to encourage and remind.

Why: To promote the joy of learning about science and to share this information with others! A panel of judges will review the projects. The judges will help choose the top three projects in each grade level. Additionally, three projects judged to have the best “experiment” will be invited to display their projects at the Sioux Falls Science Showcase later this spring at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science! All participating students will receive a certificate.


  • Choose a science discipline and research it a bit to help you think of a project
  • Decide which category works best for your project (experiment or research)
  • Register online through February 11 (No late entries accepted).
  • Plan and complete your research or experiment.
  •  Put together your display. The “Science Fair Planning Guide” is available here.
  • Bring your display to the Pettigrew gym after school on Thursday, March 8. Oral Presentation schedule available here. Please contact Sarah Olimb by February 28 if you have a conflict.


Please contact the Science Fair committee chairs
Sarah Olimb (sarahkolimb@gmail.com)
Holly Matzen (Holly.Matzen@k12.sd.us)

 Image of chemistry beakers filled with different colored solutions (yellow, red, green and blue).
R.F. Pettigrew Elementary School Science Fair Video